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Lip Balm Locket Project

No matter where I am, I always have a tube of homemade lip balm in my purse. However, it always seems to have disappeared when I go to use it. I’m convinced they enter some sort of magical universe the second I put them inside — like a Narnia for purses.

This project ensures that I will never be searching for lip balm again. This locket will be with me wherever I go and it will add a vintage-inspired accent to any outfit. With just a few ingredients, I’ll never be without lip balm again. Best of all, this locket is completely refillable!

Lip Balm Locket Project Directions:

Wipe out entire locket with rubbing alcohol before beginning. Optional: spray inside of locket with clear matte sealer.

Melt equal parts beeswax and coconut oil in a small, heat-resistant container. Stir constantly with a spoon or fork. Wear an oven mitt to safely remove the container from heat source. Tip: Beeswax melts at 144 degrees Fahrenheit and it will discolor at 185 degrees.

Add 8-10 drops of lip balm fragrance oil. Stir well. Optional: Add 8-10 drops of honey.

Carefully fill your locket to the rim. Leave locket open until completely cooled. Warning: the metal on the locket will get warm. Be careful when handling until locket has completely cooled.

For best results, allow the locket to sit unmoved for 20 minutes after pouring so the mixture settles evenly.

Tip: If the top of your locket lip balm is lumpy or uneven, use a heat tool or hair dryer to remelt the surface. Caution, the locket will become hot.

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