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Posted by Amber Demien on May 29th 2024

Every artist has those “must-have” items or rituals that are indispensable to her studio practice. Sometimes these essentials are practical, enabling one to create with ease and efficiency, but sometimes they are more unexpected, catering to emotional comfort, providing inspiration, allowing for rest, or simply encouraging a smile in an otherwise hectic day. The talented artists featured on the pages of  In Her Studio often share… Read more

Posted by Stampington & Company on May 14th 2024

We're thrilled to share an article by Ana Campos that was originally featured in Art Journaling Winter 2017 and now reformatted to fit this space. Enjoy! Throughout my life, I have always kept an assortment of diaries and sketchbooks. I had precious diaries with tiny keys that I poured my heart into, and alongside these I kept very technical and rigid sketchbooks. The two never crossed paths, so it’s no surprise that I eventually found mysel… Read more

Posted by Amber Demien on May 1st 2024

There are so many creative options for containing your plants, whether outside in your garden or within your home. You can create planters from scratch or simply dress-up store-bought varieties, and they can be inspired by the season, made from upcycled materials, or even customized with your favorite ephemera. Now that the weather is warm and the sun is shining, try your green thumb at one of these DIY planter projects to add a personal touch… Read more
Gardening isn't just about putting seeds in the ground and waiting for them to sprout; it's a means of connecting with nature, a therapeutic activity, and an artistic endeavor. Whether you're just starting out or an experienced gardener, there's always room to explore something new. And as the chill of winter fades away, now is the perfect time to think about waking up your spring garden with fresh ideas. Vertical Gardening Not only is… Read more

Posted by Amber Demien on Mar 29th 2024

The wonderful thing about mixed-media is that anything goes, from materials, to topics, to techniques. But sometimes when you are faced with so many possibilities, you freeze with indecision. We’ve compiled 20 quick and easy techniques that can be applied to any piece of mixed-media artwork, whether on a canvas, in an art journal, or as part of an assemblage. With these creative ideas in your toolbox, you’ll be ready to tackle any new project… Read more