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Creative people can easily come up with new upcycling ideas using everyday items, and this extends to items that are on their way to the trash bin. We all go through a mountain of glass jars in the kitchen every year, so instead of throwing them away, why not reuse them for art supply storage? As blank slates that can be dressed up in any style, glass jars are a treasure trove of possibilities. They can hold and store a multitude of to… Read more
Whether you’re a professional or aspiring artist, having a dedicated space to express your artistic talents is vital. Your art studio is most likely where you'll spend a lot of time, yet designing and organizing it isn't always easy. Explore in this blog 8 essential tips to help you set up a functional and inspiring home art studio.1. Choose the Right Space The first step in designing your home art studio is selecting the perfect location. W… Read more
Found object art began to take shape in 1912 when Picasso made his cubist constructions from various scavenged materials, adding such things as matchboxes and newspapers. Dada and surrealist artists then made extensive use of found objects. And now, the art form continues to thrive among mixed-media artists. Read on for 10 unique found objects to use in your mixed-media art.What is Found Object Art? Found obje… Read more
The creative women who grace the pages of  In Her Studio are generous in so many ways — with their time, experience, advice, support, and so much more. In their articles, many featured artists have chosen to share the books that inspired them in significant ways — to create art, to believe in themselves, to build their businesses, and even to appreciate the beauty in the world. Here, we share 35 of those books in hopes that they… Read more
As artists push the boundaries of traditional mediums, new avenues of creativity open up. Mixed-media art has emerged as a testament to this boundless creativity. It's the fusion of diverse materials, techniques, and ideas, leading to dynamic, multi-dimensional masterpieces. But not all mixed-media is the same. In this exploration, we delve into what mixed-media is and uncover the differences that define each type.What Is Mixed-Media Art?… Read more