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Posted by Amber Demien on Mar 29th 2024

The wonderful thing about mixed-media is that anything goes, from materials, to topics, to techniques. But sometimes when you are faced with so many possibilities, you freeze with indecision. We’ve compiled 20 quick and easy techniques that can be applied to any piece of mixed-media artwork, whether on a canvas, in an art journal, or as part of an assemblage. With these creative ideas in your toolbox, you’ll be ready to tackle any new project… Read more
Eggs, for centuries, have served as a canvas for artistic expression, from intricate pysanky to delicate Cloisonné eggs. With the arrival of spring, the age-old tradition of egg decoration takes on special significance, heralding the arrival of Easter and celebrating the renewal of life. Learn more about egg decorating and explore five creative egg-decorating ideas in this blog.Table of Contents A Brief History of Egg Decorating Egg Dec… Read more
What is a junk journal? It is a one-of-a-kind, eclectic 'you' type of book. The beauty of a junk journal is that it can be anything you want it to be. Not only does junk journaling provide a creative outlet for self-expression, but this tactile and hands-on activity can be your way to unwind and refresh. Learn more about junk journaling in this blog.What is Junk Journaling? Junk journaling is an  art journaling form that involves usin… Read more
"The self expands through acts of self-forgetfulness." – Mihály Csíkszentmihályi. At some point, most of us have experienced the creative flow state, wherein we're so engaged in the moment that we lose track of time. This state of flow can nonetheless be quite elusive. Even with effort, getting into it proves challenging at times. Read on to learn more about creative flow and how you can enter it more often.What Is Creative Flow? Creative fl… Read more
Stamps seem to be straightforward art supplies: apply some paint or ink, press onto a surface, and you get an image. But how mixed-media artists use stamps is anything but basic. Stamping in mixed-media art is more than just pressing an inked pattern onto a substrate; it's an art form that adds layers of complexity and sentiments. Read on to explore the art of stamping alongside tips and techniques.Stamping in Mixed-Media Art Stamping involv… Read more