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Posted by Stampington & Company on Sep 16th 2022

Autumn officially arrives in less than one week which means it's time to embrace and celebrate the season's coziness! A wonderful way to do this is by creating a cozy environment for a day of crafting. These are a few ideas incorporating hygge into your creative process...Musts for a Cozy Day of Crafting1. Make your favorite warm drink Are you more of a coffee or tea drinker? During this time of year you can throw apple cider or hot chocolat… Read more

Posted by Stampington & Company on Aug 18th 2022

We love asking our featured artists for recommendations on creative supplies, organizational methods, advice for  overcoming creative block, and so much more. Inside In Her Studio, artist Rachael Caringella shared a list of untraditional art supply ideas that make easy additions to your supply stash!  Lead image credit: Jet Bailey from our Autumn 2022 Issue. Photography by Stoke and Bear. Untraditional Art Su… Read more

Posted by Stampington & Company on Aug 2nd 2022

To honor National Coloring Book Day, we're celebrating The Coloring Studio! No matter your age, coloring might just be the stay-at-home activity you need to keep those creative juices flowing. The Coloring Studio is not your average coloring book. With an imaginative collection of edgy illustrations in the Somerset style you've come to love, The Coloring Studio offers a wide variety of designs and themes awaiting your own person… Read more

Posted by Stampington & Company on Jul 29th 2022

Washi tape is one of our favorite decorative art supplies! You can use it to adorn gift packaging, greeting cards, or even your keyboard. See below for a few fun projects to spark your creativity...1. Decorate envelopes Airmail themed projects are always so timeless and fun. To embellish the envelopes, start by lining the edges with folding strips of washi, snipping off the excess tape. Do the same on the triangular part/flap on the bac… Read more

Posted by In Her Studio featured artist, Hannah OBrien on Jul 20th 2022

Inside every issue of  In Her Studio, we love to ask our featured artists for podcast recommendations, playlists, and activities to keep their creative juices flowing. Our summer 2022 issue includes tour of Hannah OBrien's floating studio -- a creative space aboard her very own sailboat! In addition to giving us a peek at her unique studio, Hannah shares a list of doodle prompts that always help her get through a creative rut.… Read more