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You may know canvas is a widely used base for mixed-media art. But as this art form encourages experimentation, what other surfaces can you use to bring your artistic vision to life? And which one is most suitable for your art project? The right surface choice matters, as it lays the groundwork for your artwork's overall aesthetic. From the timeless appeal of canvas to the uniqueness of Yupo paper, each surface offers opportunities for… Read more
When was the last time you picked up a pen and allowed your mind to quietly zoom out of focus as you doodled on the page (tablecloth, napkin?) in front of you? Much like the act of coloring, doodling taps into your creative side and has the added benefit of helping you unwind after a particularly stressful day.The Benefits of Doodling This type of doodling is often unplanned and with no real outcome in mind: When you draw, sketch, or scribbl… Read more
Hobbies can be an expressive form of meditation — something you do to create a bit of peace and joy in your soul. And while some find peace and mental clarity in a garden or favorite book, your creative space can also be a sanctuary of sorts, somewhere you go to calm your mind and replenish your spirit. Whether it's bright light streaming in through a window, sweeping views of nature, a purposeful grouping of pillows, or minimalist a… Read more
Many of the stories and photographs  we publish in Bella Grace magazine capture our unique and beautiful connection with nature. This Earth Day, we want to reflect on some of the stunning images that inspire us to celebrate this special relationship and remind us all why it's so important to respect our beautiful planet.To Our Beautiful Planet, Thank You For: Morning sun and birdsong Safe places to nestle and call hom… Read more
It's no secret that adding plants to your indoor space can offer a host of benefits. By releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, plants naturally freshen up the air around us, and they're known to eliminate harmful toxins. But did you know studies have shown that indoor plants may improve concentration and productivity? That simply seeing plants can not only help us feel more calm and relaxed, but also improve our ability to deal with st… Read more