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Posted by Christen Hammons on Nov 28th 2023

I’ll never forget the excitement I felt every year on December 1st as a child when my mom would unveil that year’s advent calendar. It was usually bought at the local big box store and constructed from cardboard. Each day, my brother, sister, and I would take turns pushing open a little perforated window to reveal that day’s treat, which was usually a small piece of chocolate. Our disappointment when we weren’t the lucky ones to get some candy… Read more
Knowing that flowers only bloom for a brief period adds to their transience. We naturally want to retain their beauty by pressing flowers and turning them into artwork. Practicing to press flowers, however, may seem daunting for some. DIY-ing without understanding how certain plants will dry can result in a failed press. Read on to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge of pressed flower art.Materials for Pressed Flower Art… Read more
What seamlessly blends artistry, writing, and personal reflection? Art journaling goes beyond creating aesthetically pleasing pages. As a form of self-expression with multiple therapeutic benefits, it provides a safe and supportive space to explore your thoughts and emotions. Whether you're just starting out or an experienced artist, there are countless art journaling ideas for you to explore. In this blog, we'll delve into some of th… Read more

Posted by Amber Demien on Nov 2nd 2023

Handcrafted jewelry can be intimidating for newcomers, but you may be surprised at what you can create using common mixed-media techniques. We feature a wide array of artisan jewelry designs in our magazine  Belle Armoire Jewelry, from those perfect for beginners to those that require more experience and know-how. Here, we have gathered 10 simple yet striking jewelry projects from recent issues of Belle Armoire Jewelry — we hope that… Read more
Creativity is the soul of art, the essence that breathes life into every brush stroke, every word on the page, and every note in the composition. Yet, no matter how creative you are, everyone eventually experiences an uninspired period. This slump can be a minor nuisance for some, but for others, it can put their work on hold. Nurturing artistic creativity can help you perform better in many aspects of life, regardless of your profession.&nb… Read more