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I met a woman last weekend who was looking for something for a "girl's weekend" I didn't know her, but as she was searching magazines I handed her Bella Grace and asked her if she had ever seen a more beautiful magazine. I told her how it touches my heart and makes me feel so wonderful and a part of something. I mentioned the "Field Guide" with all the prompts and found a copy for her. She picked up five copies of each and said, gratefully, it was exactly what she was looking for! I think every woman should own at least one copy to remind her of just how special she is and that others feel the same way. I have every single edition and cherish them. Thank you Bella Grace.♥

Rachel Folden | Bella Grace

Unsolicited testimonial for those of you who have never seen this publication…get one now! Whether creating is your full time business or a “when the time allows” maker like me, this is inspiring. The studio photos and stories are awesome. I read every page and think “wow, they’re just like me”. Definitely encouraging.

Cynthia Viseur Brown | In Her Studio

What a fabulous excuse to run to the bookstore!

Jennifer Kershner | Explore Publications