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Posted by Stampington & Company on Apr 12th 2022

Do you have a friend who is constantly covered in paint, and proudly shows off her ink-smudged hands? Give the artistic women in your life the gift of creativity with items that will inspire her to try a new craft or add to her ever-growing stash of materials. Whether it is a magazine bundle to inspire her for months to come, a unique fashion accessory to express her creativity, or art supplies to bring new ideas to life, we have it covered.… Read more

Posted by Stampington & Company on Jan 10th 2022

Welcome 2022! Start off the new year by fueling your creativity with our new issues! Art Journaling offers innovative techniques to up your journaling game while GreenCraft is filled to the brim with eco-friendly projects. Plus, plan upcoming celebrations with the inspiration inside Mingle. Click on any of the spotlighted titles below to get a sneak peek of featured articles and order your copies. Copy code and paste at c… Read more

Posted by Guest Artist: Mary Walden on Oct 19th 2021

Article originally published in Art Journaling Autumn 2017There are so many amazing journals in previous issues of Art Journaling. When I purchased my first copy years ago, I was intrigued. I found that there are numerous techniques artists have used to work with paper, fabric, and other substrates to make meaningful journals. I loved finding out that there is no right or wrong way to create, there is no one way journals are supposed… Read more

Posted by Stampington & Company on Sep 23rd 2021

Browsing through Instagram is always a wonderful way to discover fresh creative inspiration! Today we're sharing a collection of our favorite artistic Instagram accounts that just may inspire your next mixed-media project.Inspired by Instagram: 5 Creative Instagram Accounts We Love!@maycontainpaper, Louise Muzio Visit @maycontainpaper to browse Louise Muzio's mixed-media and art journaling inspiration. | Louise Muzio was featured in&… Read more

Posted by Amber Demien on Sep 2nd 2021

Blog post by Amber Demien, editor of  Art Journaling I often think that looking at mixed-media art is like a creative scavenger hunt or game of “I Spy.” The closer you look at a canvas or art journal page, the more you can identify common elements that have been reinvented within the artwork. Everything from clothing tags to drywall tape, junk mail, receipts, and beyond can become an intriguing piece of collage fodder. Vintage photos… Read more