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Good As Gold Keychains and Bookmarks Project

These gold leaf mica flakes add a little sparkle to any project. With these resin pieces, the gold leaf can catch the light from all directions and really shine. Tie a piece of ribbon on and use these quick and easy backless bezels as keychains, bookmarks, and more. 

Good As Gold Keychains and Bookmarks Project Directions:

Lay the chipboard frames onto a piece of wax paper on a smooth surface.

Sprinkle gold leaf mica flakes into the frame.

Cut a piece of a straw so that it is as tall as the chipboard frame, and place inside at the top.

Fill bezel with resin, being careful not to fill the straw hole at the top. You’ll need this space for stringing your ribbon later on.

Allow resin to set overnight.

Tip: If the hole plugs up with resin or the resin leaks out the sides, you can sand the sides back down and re-drill the hole in the top.

String a ribbon through and add your keys, or a decorative key to finish the look.

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