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Rose Wrap Bracelet Project by Johanna Love

Roses are a timeless favorite of mine. I'll take them in any color, but I've always loved them in a good cheery pink. I would dress head-to-toe in this color if it suited me, but my dark olive skin just doesn't work that well with too much rosy pink. Fortunately, I also love making and wearing jewelry, so I can get rosy pink out of my system by making and wearing jewelry like this project. So as not to be too selfish, I created this rosy pendant for myself to wear as a bracelet or to be given wrapped around a gift for someone else ... who could then wear it themselves.

Rose Wrap Bracelet Project Directions:

Wrap end of wire around bezel loop. Weave wire back and forth around bezel's hobnails about 6 times to create a herringbone weave with the wire, then cut and wrap other end of wire around bezel loop.

Using a silicon mat as your work surface, paint front of rose pendant and outer surfaces of bezel, brushing on a bit of embossing powder onto rose if you want a darker pink and also to add a slightly different texture.

Use wire cutters to clip loop off rose pendant.

Sprinkle glitter glass inside bezel and place rose pendant in middle.

Wearing gloves, mix Ice Resin per manufacturer's instructions, then use plastic resin dropper to slowly fill bezel with resin.

Pop any air bubbles with pin and let resin cure for at least 48 hours.

Put seam binding ribbon through bezel loops and tie on wrist or gift.

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