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52 Inspiring & Entertaining Podcasts for Studio Time

52 Inspiring & Entertaining Podcasts for Studio Time

Posted by Stampington & Company on Sep 14th 2019

Podcasts offer an enjoyable way to receive inspiration, motivation, and entertainment while working in the studio. Below are a variety of podcasts beloved by some of the artists who have graced the pages of In Her Studio. Give them a listen — you’re sure to discover a few to add to your own creative ritual.

Photo by Burst

52 Inspiring & Entertaining Podcasts for Studio Time

1. “Sew Sweet Violet” |  Listen to Podcast

2. “Little Bobbins Knits” |  Listen to Podcast 

3. “Cherry Heart (Sandra Paul)”
Visit Sandra's craft room as she talks all things crochet, knitting, sewing, and crafts too! ListenVisit Sandra on Instagram

4. “Betsy Makes” |  Listen

5. “Mandarine’s”
Melody Hoffman gives a behind-the-scenes look at knitting projects and everyday life as a working mom on her YouTube channel. Perfect for watching and/or listening to while working on creative projects! ListenVisit Melody on Instagram

6. "Hey Sister Podcast" |  Listen

7. “Loop and Bar” |  Listen

8.“A Homespun House”
Molly discusses her latest hand-dyed yarn creations in this inspiring listen! ListenVisit A Homespun House on Instagram

9. “The Little Tailoress” |  Listen

10. “By the Lakeside” |  Listen

Shared by Miss Leela (@missleela_handmade). Explore her creative space in the Autumn 2018 Issue of In Her Studio.

11. “This American Life” | Listen

12. “Lore”
The Lore Podcast is similar to a campfire experience! In it, host Aaron Mahnke shares non-fiction accounts of spooky tales. ListenVisit The Lore Podcast on Instagram

13. “Ear Hustle” |  Listen

14. “Heavyweight” |  Listen

15. “Invisibilia” |  Listen

16. “Start Up”
Start Up is a helpful podcast focusing on the in's and out's of starting a business. If you're interested in selling your art, this one may have practical tips for you! | Listen

17. “Radio Lab” |  Listen 

18. “Revisionist History” |  Listen

19. "Modern Love" |  Listen

20. “The Mortified Podcast” |  Listen

21. "The Moth"
The Moth celebrates storytelling as it features a variety of inspiring stories, exploring the depth of human emotion and experience. ListenVisit The Moth on Instagram

Shared by Maryanne Moodie (@maryannemoodie). Explore her creative space in the Winter 2019 Issue of  In Her Studio.

22. “WTF With Marc Maron” |  Listen

23. “Criminal” |  Listen

24. “On the Media”
On the Media takes a look at how the media shapes our views of the world. This may appeal to those who are interested in psychology. | Listen

25. “S-Town” |  Listen

Photos by Maya Visnyei & Jenny Thompson

Shared by Caitlin O’Reilly (@cylinderstudio). Explore her creative space (pictured above) in the Winter 2019 Issue of In Her Studio.

26. “Desert Island Dishes” |  Listen

27. “Honey & Co: The Food Talks”
Foodies, this one is for you! From cooks to waiters to writers, listen as a wide range of professionals in the food industry share their stories. ListenVisit Honey & Co on Instagram

28. “How I Built This” |  Listen

29. “Lit Up” |  Listen

30. “My Open Kitchen” |  Listen

31. “Slow Flowers”
In her podcast, advocate for American-grown flowers Debra Prinzing discusses sustainable gardening options and interviews a variety of floral designers. ListenVisit Debra on Instagram

32. “Cultivating Place” |  Listen

33. "The Lifestyle Edit"
The Lifestyle Edit takes a behind-the-scenes look at the endeavors of successful female entrepreneurs by sharing honest and candid conversations around their experiences as creative business owners. ListenVisit The Lifestyle Edit on Instagram

34. “What Artists Listen To” |  Listen

35. “Violet Sessions" |  Listen

36. “Dispatch to a Friend”
In Dispatch to a Friend, Annabelle and Gillian celebrate friendship as they share their written letters with us. They describe it as "a podcast for lovers of food, books, gardening, travel, and friendship!" Listen | Visit Dispatch to a Friend on Instagram

Photos by Aesme & Kristin Perers

Shared by Alexandra Nutting and Jessica Lister (@aesmeflowers). Explore their creative space (pictured above) in the Spring 2019 Issue of In Her Studio.

37. “My Favorite Murder” |  Listen

38. “This is Love” |  Listen

39. “Stuff You Missed in History Class”
Take a step back in time as two history buffs explore fascinating historical events in this podcast! ListenVisit Stuff You Missed in History Class on Instagram

Shared by Allyson Rousseau (@allyrous). Explore her creative space in the Spring 2019 Issue of In Her Studio.

40. “On Being” |  Listen

41. “Sleeping at Last” |  Listen

42. “A Piece of Work”
Explore the world of modern and contemporary art as curators and artists breakdown the meaning behind unique pieces. | Listen

43. “The H Podcast” |  Listen

44. "Art History Babes" |  Listen

45. “Makers & Mystics”
In Makers & Mystics, poet-musician Stephen Roach interviews a variety of interesting creatives. This podcast is designed for the spiritually adventurous and lovers of art. Listen | Visit the creators of Makers & Mystics on Instagram

46. “Up First” |  Listen

47. “Moda Spira” |  Listen

48. “Hyperallergic” |  Listen

Photos by Melissa Laree Cunningham & Lacie Brawner

Shared by Lanecia Rouse Tinsley (@larartstudio). Explore her creative space (pictured above) in the Summer 2019 Issue of In Her Studio.

49. “Ologies” |  Listen

50. “Philosophize This!” |  Listen

51. "Creative Pep Talk"
Creative Pep Talk provides listeners with the tools they need to discover, develop, and inspire others with their creative talents. ListenVisit the host of Creative Pep Talk on Instagram

52. “The Paris Review” |  Listen

Shared by Alicia Renner (@howlattire). Explore her creative space in the Summer 2019 Issue of In Her Studio.

For more podcast inspiration, be sure to pick up In Her Studio where a variety of inspiring artists share their top picks with us!

*We encourage you to explore this list of podcasts to discover those that will enhance your studio experience. This list is meant for inspirational purposes only; if one of the podcasts is not your cup of tea, please move on to the next, or explore avenues that bolster your own creativity. Stampington & Company does not officially endorse any of the podcasts listed above.