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Creativity is the soul of art, the essence that breathes life into every brush stroke, every word on the page, and every note in the composition. Yet, no matter how creative you are, everyone eventually experiences an uninspired period. This slump can be a minor nuisance for some, but for others, it can put their work on hold. Nurturing artistic creativity can help you perform better in many aspects of life, regardless of your profession.&nb… Read more
It's no secret that adding plants to your indoor space can offer a host of benefits. By releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, plants naturally freshen up the air around us, and they're known to eliminate harmful toxins. But did you know studies have shown that indoor plants may improve concentration and productivity? That simply seeing plants can not only help us feel more calm and relaxed, but also improve our ability to deal with st… Read more
There are many ways to find inspiration, but when the days grow shorter and colder, nothing beats curling up with a good book in the warmth and comfort of your home (or studio). Whether it’s a fictional tale that stirs the imagination, an inspiring biography, an informative piece of nonfiction, a collection of beautiful creations, or insights shared by other artists, inspirational books come in many forms. Here, we've complied more th… Read more

Posted by Stampington & Company on Sep 14th 2019

Podcasts offer an enjoyable way to receive inspiration, motivation, and entertainment while working in the studio. Below are a variety of podcasts beloved by some of the artists who have graced the pages of In Her Studio. Give them a listen — you’re sure to discover a few to add to your own creative ritual. Photo by Burst52 Inspiring & Entertaining Podcasts for Studio Time 1. “Sew Sweet Violet” |  Listen to Podcast 2. “L… Read more