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Capture Life’s Moments Inspirational Journal Project

In addition to creating a unique bracelet, Tim Holtz’s metal word bands inspired me to go a step further. Making jewelry out of these lovely metal bands seems like the natural route to follow, but I decided to try something completely new and ended up embellishing a journal with one of them instead.

Capture Life’s Moments Inspirational Journal Instructions:

Start by applying white gesso to the cover of a corrugated kraft journal, and then set it aside to dry.

Next, choose your favorite photo. Use a photo-altering app to place a filter over the images. Make your photo black-and-white, put it through a sepia filter for a vintage look, or enhance the color to brighten them up for a more modern look. Once you are satisfied with your photo, crop it in a photo editing program to 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches, then print and cut to size.

Attach the photo to your favorite Prima Marketing’s Insta-Scrap frame. I used a simple black one, which came with 180 frames in 12 different designs.  Having so many frame options gives you lots of creative possibilities to dress up your space. Once you’ve glued your photo onto your frame, stamp patterns onto it using white acrylic paint and the end of an old paint bottle cap. For a little added touch, cut up one of your extra frames and use the scraps as embellishments. Glue the cut-out scrap onto your frame using gel medium.
Let the paint dry on your frame and then attach it to your corrugated kraft journal.

To embellish your journal, attach a metal word tag onto the cover using brads. Finally, tie some Indigo Jute Trim around the journal and finish it off with a knot.

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