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Affirmation Bracelet Project

I love doing my best to think-outside of the box when it comes to creating new projects. I was instantly drawn to Tim Holtz’s inspirational word bands the minute I saw them. However, at first, I had no idea what to make with them, and then inspiration finally struck! I decided to create a bracelet using my random stash of jewelry findings.

I love the idea of wearing this quote around my wrist as a constant reminder to keep positive and move forward, even when the going gets tough.

Affirmation Bracelet Instructions:

First, hammer the metal word band on a metal block to add some texture. I also decided to bend mine so that it would fit my wrist better. I propped the metal band against a hard surface and carefully hammered it into a slight curve. You can also do this with a pair of nylon-jaw pliers.

Next, paint over the metal band with patina using a small paintbrush. Make sure to get in the grooves of the words to make them pop a little more. Let the patina set for a few minutes, and then wipe it off with a wet towel, sponge, or baby wipe.

Attach two lobster clasps to the end of the word band, and then add a jump ring to the end of one of the lobster clasp and leave it open. Select two different types of chain links and attach them to the jump ring. Place the last link of your rhinestone chain into the crimp end.  Use pliers to fold the crimp ends down, and attach the rhinestone chain to the jump ring. Finally, secure the the jump ring onto the lobster clasp by closing the ring with pliers.

Measure how long you need your chain links and rhinestone links to be so that they will fit around your wrist, remember to leave a little length for the lobster clasp. Before cutting any of the excess chain, attach the links to a second jump ring, allowing the excess chain links to hang.

Next, cut the rhinestone link and add a crimp end; attach it to the second jump ring. Attach the jump ring to the lobster clasp, and close with pliers. Trim any excess chain links with wire cutters.

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