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Creative people can easily come up with new upcycling ideas using everyday items, and this extends to items that are on their way to the trash bin. We all go through a mountain of glass jars in the kitchen every year, so instead of throwing them away, why not reuse them for art supply storage? As blank slates that can be dressed up in any style, glass jars are a treasure trove of possibilities. They can hold and store a multitude of to… Read more

Posted by Cindy Fortin on Apr 27th 2022

This project was published inside In Her Garden Volume 1. Be sure to pick up your copy for more inspiration from the garden! A couple of years ago we had a big windstorm that blew down part of our fence. The fence was pretty old, so we decided to replace it. But, being who I am, I could not get rid of the old fence. Recently, I became aware of propagating plants from leaf clippings, and I had a lot of leaf clippings in ugly glass jars… Read more