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A Winter Bucket List DIY Advent Calendar + FREE Printable

A Winter Bucket List DIY Advent Calendar + FREE Printable

Posted by Christen Hammons on Nov 28th 2023

I’ll never forget the excitement I felt every year on December 1st as a child when my mom would unveil that year’s advent calendar. It was usually bought at the local big box store and constructed from cardboard. Each day, my brother, sister, and I would take turns pushing open a little perforated window to reveal that day’s treat, which was usually a small piece of chocolate. Our disappointment when we weren’t the lucky ones to get some candy was always overshadowed by the excitement of getting one day closer to Christmas. Many years later, Christmas is still my very favorite time of year, and I try to fill my days with as much holiday cheer as possible. From watching beloved movies to baking delicious goodies, I try to do it all.

I recently had the idea to combine the thrill of an advent calendar with my never-ending holiday activities list. What if, instead of a treat, each day suggested something festive to do? I envisioned decorated tags that counted down to the days to Christmas with a fun winter activity written on the backs. To bring this idea to fruition, I enlisted the help of our talented graphic designers to create downloadable, printable tags that we’re happy to share with you for free.

Download your free printable tags here.

To compile your own advent calendar, download and print the tags on cardstock, then cut them out. Write a festive activity to do on the back of each one. Go through your holiday decorations and choose items that will fit nicely with the tags. Add them to the tags and attach them to a ribbon with small clothespins. I chose to attach the ribbons to an old blanket ladder with push pins, but you could hang them just about anywhere, like curtain rods and over doorways.

25 Winter Bucket Ideas List

We encourage you to work with your family and loved ones to come up with your own list of holiday activities, but here are some of our favorite ideas.

  1. Make hot cocoa from scratch.
  2. Have a holiday movie marathon.
  3. Spend the day in your coziest pajamas.
  4. Enjoy a candlelit dinner at home.
  5. Create a holiday music playlist.
  6. Walk around your neighborhood and look at Christmas lights.
  7. Go out for a festive breakfast.
  8. Put together a simmer pot.
  9. Bake several types of cookies.
  10. Watch videos of over-the-top Christmas decoration displays on YouTube.
  11. Invite friends over to talk while wrapping gifts together.
  12. Reminisce about favorite Christmases from the past.
  13. Cook something that has to simmer on the stove all day.
  14. Cut out snowflakes from copy paper and hang them in your windows.
  15. Read about holiday traditions from other parts of the world.
  16. Donate a toy to a toy drive.
  17. Make an old-fashioned popcorn garland.
  18. Host a game night.
  19. Sleep under the Christmas tree.
  20. Don Santa hats and walk around the main street of a quaint small town.
  21. Toast the holiday season with something sparkling.
  22. Turn off the screens for a day.
  23. Make s’mores.
  24. Give every family member a new book to open tonight and spend the evening reading while curled up under cozy blankets.
  25. Celebrate today by being completely in the moment.

As we unwrap the days leading up to Christmas, let these tags bring a sprinkle of holiday cheer to your home. And if you’re looking for even more holiday projects, check out A Somerset Holiday for ideas, instructions, and inspiration to make the season merry and bright.

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