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Posted by Amber Demien on Dec 5th 2023

When the weather turns cold, and it’s time to prepare your garden for winter, don’t despair at losing your leafy-green and brightly bloomed friends — move your efforts indoors! We’ve collected some beautiful and inspiring spaces from the pages of In Her Garden to help keep your green thumb warm this winter.  If you’re fortunate to have a greenhouse of any size, then you’re already well-equipped to care for a variety of plants through… Read more

Posted by Christen Hammons on Nov 28th 2023

I’ll never forget the excitement I felt every year on December 1st as a child when my mom would unveil that year’s advent calendar. It was usually bought at the local big box store and constructed from cardboard. Each day, my brother, sister, and I would take turns pushing open a little perforated window to reveal that day’s treat, which was usually a small piece of chocolate. Our disappointment when we weren’t the lucky ones to get some candy… Read more