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55 Ways to Renew Your Creative Spirit

Posted by Stampington & Company on Jul 27th 2020

Photo by Katrina Rodabaugh featured in In Her Studio Autumn 2019

Sometimes creative block is a symptom of a larger problem, like an all-together lack of motivation. Especially during difficult times, which we find ourselves in the midst of now, the simplest of activities can help renew your creative spirit and breathe new life into your everyday. We have collected some wonderful ideas from the pages of In Her Studio that will help you feel like yourself again and allow you to jump into your next project with a burst of creativity!

55 Ways to Renew Your Creative Spirit

1. Gaze upon the bright blue sky 

2. Write some poetry 

3. Go thrifting for vintage fabrics 

4. Take a trip to the ocean 

5. Drink a cup of steaming chai tea 

6. Go for a walk outside in the sunshine 

7. Enjoy the laughter of your children 

8. Gather a bouquet of colorful flowers 

9. Visit your favorite spot 

10. Enjoy a different type of art form 

11. Meet the dawn once a month 

12. Visit a tourist destination out of season 

13. Listen to new music 

14. Love yourself — do not forget about your body and brain 

15. Chat with new people

16. Make lists of ideas to reference when a creative block happens 

17. Choose a new color palette 

18. Go through Pinterest inspiration boards 

19. Call a friend 

20. Give yourself a pep talk and just start 

21. Remove distractions 

22. Play with a different medium 

23. Get out for some fresh air by going for a walk or run 

24. Browse boutiques and malls to study trends for inspiration 

25. Explore somewhere new by traveling 

26. Take photos of nature to capture shapes, colors, and textures 

27. Rearrange your studio or home 

28. Help artist friends in their studios

29. Walk around your neighborhood and take photos of textures and shadows 

30. Clean out your social media 

31. Meet up with friends and have some fun 

32. Put on classical music and draw lines to the music 

33. Revisit your past work that made you feel truly alive 

34. Immerse yourself in that which inspires or has inspired you 

35. Just make something, even if you don’t want to 

36. Drink tea and eat a snack — teatime means break time 

37. Clean and tidy up your work area 

38. Zone out in Mother Nature 

39. Rearrange furniture to create a new environment 

40. Rearrange your collections — play with what you love most 

41. Window-shop on Etsy

42. Finish your chores so you can focus in your studio 

43. Take a break from social media 

44. Play video games for the inspiring stories and graphics 

45. Engage in exercise in beautiful surroundings so your mind can ponder 

46. Go to an exhibition to marvel at an artist’s work up close 

47. Connect with your peers — ask technical questions or opinions, or just chat and banter 

48. Spend time with your pets 

49. Sleep — being well-rested helps keep you positive 

50. Draw in your garden using your non-dominant hand 

51. Collaborate with a friend

52. Use found objects as untraditional painting tools 

53. Dig out some old materials you haven’t used in a while 

54. Slow down and pay attention to the beauty in everything 

55. Embrace the unknown — let go of the need to control the outcome

These tips originally appeared in the following issues of In Her Studio: