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30 Art Studio Organization Tips for the New Year

30 Art Studio Organization Tips for the New Year

Jan 2nd 2024

When it comes to art studio advice, we’ve received a treasure trove of tips from the artists who have graced the pages of  In Her Studio — but the artistic people who read those pages are also an endless source of experience and inspiration! We have compiled 30 tips from our readers that will help you get organized in your own  art studio, ensuring that your new year gets off to a creative start.

Art Studio Organization Tips

1. Use storage that looks good so you don’t have to worry about those times when you need to leave everything out. — @meredithmayart

2. We have a studio in an 1800s stone cottage. We utilize wonderful antique baker’s cupboards for supplies and have hidden storage spaces inside our 200-year-old butcher’s block! — @sacredwildwood

3. Make it happy! Every piece should serve a purpose and also make you smile. — @cards.o.glee

4. I did an artist retreat one summer, and my creative space was just a small table in a corner of a studio apartment that I rented. I planned to work on just a few projects that month. I found that having a specific plan for a specific amount of time worked really well for a small space. — @taramcclung

5. Most of my furniture is light enough to move around, and my palette is an old kitchen island on wheels, refitted with a glass top. The shelves underneath mean mediums and paints can travel easily. — @gracelanesmithart


6. I have a large studio and yet the same organizational principles apply as for a small space: utilizing every nook and cranny, and labeling everything for ease of access. — @curlygirlartstudio

7. I only have out what I need for each project. — @madebyallison

8. Functional storage is the key. Stackable bins and design are important. Keeping only the essentials in your space creates a beneficial workflow. A positive attitude and love for your current space make any space functional. — @primarycandleco

9. Everything must be functional, with a place for everything, and pretty to the eye so I stay inspired. — @heathergentilecollins

10. Use furniture with lots of drawers/shelves, and precisely organize things, preferably in cool vintage containers for maximum artfulness. — @skiiru

11. Even though it’s a small space, I have storage dedicated to different tasks or tools. I also keep my art supplies in easy-to-grab containers so I can move them around the studio or even take them into the house if I need to work in there. — @northernbirddesigns

12. I find that having commonly used tools organized within reach so you can jump right in where you left off is helpful. — @janetguertin

13. My workbench takes up one corner of my small studio apartment. Tools have designated storage on top of the bench, and dividers keep odds and ends separate in drawers. A good chair and lots of extra lighting have been lifesavers! — @swissarmytech

14. It’s all about controlled chaos and organization. It keeps you from overbuying supplies you don’t need, to curate collections, and have what you need at your fingertips to create on demand. — @carlalcascio


15. Organization is always key, lots of storage, and a  comfy place to hang too, even if that meant a futon mattress on the floor with pillows! I always need a comfy spot for getting creative! — @elisemariedesigns

16. Clear storage boxes keep materials and works-in-progress clean and flat. Labeling them is vital. — @katiebaptistedesign

17. Go vertical with storage! — @shopsoothi

18. I’ve learned to remove anything from my studio space that’s not about creating artwork. Also, cleaning it every week helps keep the “stuff” out! —

19. Storage on wheels! I organize my paints and tools in rolling carts with shelves so I can move easily between spaces. I typically paint in a spare bedroom, but when guests are in town, I can easily set up a “studio” in a different spot. — @elizabethlevineartstudio

20. When I had a smaller studio, keeping a weekly organizing schedule was important. I found that it was impossible for me to create in chaos! — @wimberleyvalleysaori


21. No studio or workspace here! But the kitchen table will do the job. Sometimes I need to use the bed or the floor in order to cut patterns. And I use plenty of transparent plastic boxes for keeping the supplies. — @ralooland

22. I create my artwork on our sailboat, which means I always have to pack up my materials whenever we sail off. I find the key is to have containers that are multifunctional, look visually pleasing, and are easy to pack away. — @holly_and_murphy

23. “Marie Kondo” your art supplies. I love art supplies and always have too much. I am trying to be more selective in my purchases and am therefore de-cluttering. — @charlenecodnerart

24. My loft space is too hot at the moment, so I use a wood tray to easily carry things (paper, paint, palettes, brushes, small water jars with lids) from one room to another, which kind of keeps it “contained.” Working in smaller formats is also nice if you need to be more mobile or adaptable. — @remusedstudio

25. Utilize the entire space! I have a ladder hanging from the ceiling in my studio space to hang herbs from. — @prairiesoapshack


26. Be creative with multi-use tools. Instead of 100 different brushes, I figured out a way to make a few work. Reusing and repurposing is the key. Things like chopsticks can be used for so many things, from mixers to dotters to palette knives. — @lynnieblance

27. Throw down tarps when you need to be messy! Cover everything in your small space that needs protecting, and then you can fling paint, or do whatever you need to do, and not get distracted by trying to be neat or careful. Create with abandon! — @tiamiacreative

28. I always leave my studio space as I would wish to find it, and this works for creating magic! — @suejames007art

29. Organize stuff in a way that’s meaningful for you, in a way that makes you want to get lost in it. I’ve created my best work in my small studio. — @shaunnaparkerstudio

30. My shipping supplies are organized in a couple of closets and narrow shelves flush against the wall. I also attached an old plank to a wall for extra vertical storage. It’s taken me a long time to properly organize my shipping supplies in order to make packing as streamlined as possible. — @gracelanesmithart

Want more art studio organization tips and creative inspiration? Check out our  In Her Studio magazine, where we take readers on a tour through the creative spaces and lives of female artists, designers, and makers.

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