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Posted by Amber Demien on May 29th 2024

Every artist has those “must-have” items or rituals that are indispensable to her studio practice. Sometimes these essentials are practical, enabling one to create with ease and efficiency, but sometimes they are more unexpected, catering to emotional comfort, providing inspiration, allowing for rest, or simply encouraging a smile in an otherwise hectic day. The talented artists featured on the pages of  In Her Studio often share… Read more
When it comes to art studio advice, we’ve received a treasure trove of tips from the artists who have graced the pages of  In Her Studio — but the artistic people who read those pages are also an endless source of experience and inspiration! We have compiled 30 tips from our readers that will help you get organized in your own  art studio, ensuring that your new year gets off to a creative start.Art Studio Organization Tips… Read more
Whether you’re a professional or aspiring artist, having a dedicated space to express your artistic talents is vital. Your art studio is most likely where you'll spend a lot of time, yet designing and organizing it isn't always easy. Explore in this blog 8 essential tips to help you set up a functional and inspiring home art studio.1. Choose the Right Space The first step in designing your home art studio is selecting the perfect location. W… Read more

Posted by Elle Harris on Jan 26th 2022

We're thrilled to welcome special guest, Elle Harris to Somerset Place to share a beautiful piece about creating inspiration around you. Featured photo by Marian Parsons; In Her Studio Spring 2019. “I’m going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.” -Elsie de Wolfe A few years ago, I was at an event at The Field Museum in Chicago, listening to a speech from a leading landscape architect. He was discussing the w… Read more