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Hibiscus Hand-Dyed Stationery Set

Would you believe these steely blue pieces of paper were dyed with bright red hibiscus? Create a stationery set that perfectly matches your carefree style with organic colors and plenty of texture. Create notepads for important reminders (or playful doodles), cards for a quick letter of encouragement to a friends, and patterned envelopes that go the extra mile and make your mail stand out in the crowd.

Did you know that hibiscus change color with temperature changes? The pigment compounds Carotenoids, Favenoids, and Anthocyanins respond to light and temperature to create different colors. Anthocyanins are also pH sensitive, so the pH of the water used to make the dye will affect the overall color of the dye.

Hibiscus Hand-Dyed Stationery Set Directions:

Fill a tray with boiling hot water and steep dried hibiscus in the water for about a minute. The water should turn a deep red.

Submerge all but one corner of the paper into the dye bath until the water begins to crawl up the dry corner. Remove and let the excess dye drip from the page for a few seconds, then hang or lay flat to dry.

This dye bath will stain, so protect your work surface with wax paper or a craft sheet.

To get a more textured look to your paper, use a slotted spoon to scoop the dried hibiscus leaves from the dye bath and sprinkle them over the sheet. Leave them in place until the paper has dried completely.

If paper is wrinkly after drying, place the dyed paper between two more sheets of paper and iron out the wrinkles.

Trim paper to size for an envelope and card. Glue envelope together and hand-letter address. Stamp a quick sentiment onto the card as a finishing touch.

Trim scrap paper to the same size, fold over a piece of the hand-dyed paper and staple to create a quick and easy notepad. Stamp with letters to add a personalized sentiment.

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