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GreenCraft Magazine

Finding creative uses for old items is nothing new to artists, but the spirit of preserving the planet is more important than ever before, and GreenCraft Magazine is here to honor and inspire those who find artistic applications for normally discarded resources.

GreenCraft Magazine provides innovative ideas for upcycling trash into treasures. Pick up an issue today to discover how to repurpose waste into functional, ecologically-chic creations, and explore today's most stylish and sustainable projects.

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GreenCraft Magazine Autumn 2016 — Available August 1st
As the seasons turn, gather your recyclables and get crafting with the latest installment of GreenCraft Magazine! In this issue, Sharon Louk creates a gorgeous gardening kit with the use of an old bundt cake pan, follow the instructions to make adorable house-shaped decorative pillows, and make a statement with beautiful cuff bracelets — no one will know they are made from shampoo bottles! Disc..
GreenCraft Magazine Summer 2016
As the summer rolls around and the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time to go dumpster-diving for those recycled materials to incorporate in your upcycled craft projects — and to provide a little inspiration, we invite you to explore the new and improved GreenCraft Magazine! We’ve introduced several new and enticing departments, including a Green Profile (a look into an especially green comp..
GreenCraft Magazine Spring 2016
Transform your trash into treasures with the latest GreenCraft Magazine, like the multiple ways to use coffee sleeves as presented by Frances Peets. For gadget-lovers and techies alike, make computer key jewelry inspired by Sandy Hadland’s project. Also featured in the issue, Cindy Fortin revamps a shift dress with a stunning weaving technique using old T-shirts, Dorothy North creates picture f..
GreenCraft Magazine Winter 2016
GreenCraft Magazine includes an array of winter-appropriate projects to make from recycled, salvaged, and found materials. As the holidays roll in, what better way to show appreciation than to make gifts from beautiful, nostalgic pieces? Gather sustainable inspiration from Vesna Taneva-Miller, who puts old Christmas cards to a new, elegant use, and Melinda Barnett’s beautiful crystal ornaments ..
GreenCraft Magazine Autumn 2015
As summer days move further and further away, wind down with the latest issue of GreenCraft Magazine! This installment boasts some of the most industrious projects yet, like upcycling vintage wedding dresses, turning an old tie into four separate projects, making a musical mint container, and so much more. For the sentimental, eco-friendly crafter, this issue is filled to the brim with nostalgi..
GreenCraft Magazine Summer 2015
Summer is coming, and so is the latest issue of GreenCraft Magazine! In this new installment, you will find intriguing and inventive projects to take up your vacation time. Learn how to revamp an old T-shirt for maximum fun in the sun, create a notebook from recycled materials, and document all your summer adventures, and make a purse from scrappy leftovers, which is ideal for outdoor events.&n..
GreenCraft Magazine Spring 2015
Spring has sprung, and GreenCraft Magazine is back for another inspiring installment! This issue brings with it some of the most inventive projects to date like using paper rolls to make adorable crown place card holders and ideas for repurposing lost game pieces into unique and beautiful bracelet charms. Don’t throw away your old CDs — instead, turn them into whimsical coasters with just a bit..
GreenCraft Magazine Winter 2015
This holiday season, give the gift that keeps on giving by turning the recycling bin into Santa’s magic sack! The Winter 2014 issue of GreenCraft Magazine is overflowing with inspired, environmentally-safe craft projects that also happen to double as one-of-a-kind gift ideas. Try your hand at making a sweet, repurposed denim market bag that could be stuffed with all kinds of holiday goodies. Fi..
GreenCraft Magazine Autumn 2014
Nothing is more satisfying than repurposing old junk into priceless new treasures, and this installment of GreenCraft Magazine is sure to spark an idea or two for that extra rubbish you have lying around. Front and center are Sofia Tryon’s driftwood sailboats that put elegant use to beach vacation souvenirs. Kimberly Allison of Lume di Luna shares tips to find the perfect sweaters for reclaimed..
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GreenCraft Magazine Summer 2014
Grab your recycling bin, and get ready for our latest installment of GreenCraft Magazine! This issue features some of our most creative ideas yet. Take a trip back to your earliest green crafting days with a dollhouse made entirely of recycled materials — you will surely be inspired to make one as a gift, or spend an afternoon collaborating with your smallest crafters for a project that is as f..
$14.99 $12.99
GreenCraft Magazine Spring 2014
GreenCraft Magazine is back for another installment, and this issue brings with it some of the most inventive and unique projects to date! Everything from old wine bottle labels, to vintage suitcases, to old pizza boxes is covered in the pages of our winter issue, and we guarantee you’ll be surprised at how these upcycled treasures are used. You will also find ideas for jewelry, home décor, upc..
GreenCraft Magazine Winter 2014
Reduce, reuse, recycle — the upcycling trend is hotter than ever, and GreenCraft Magazine is leading the movement. In this issue you will find our new Green Living department, which features projects that promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. Your favorite departments will also be back and better than ever, including one of our personal favorites — Create With Me — which highlights upcycled projec..
GreenCraft Winter 2014 Digital Edition
Although this popular issue is sold out, and no longer available in print, you can now download this exclusive digital edition to get instant access to GreenCraft Winter 2014 across your desktop, tablet, and mobile devices! *This digital edition is not compatible on Nook or Kindle Readers. Reduce, reuse, recycle — the upcycling trend is hotter than ever, and GreenCraft Magazine..
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GreenCraft Magazine Autumn 2013
Trust us — you won’t want to miss the first-ever quarterly issue of GreenCraft Magazine! We geared up to accommodate even bigger and better eco-friendly projects that are sure to inspire the creative upcycler in all of you. We are expanding our horizons in this issue with the inclusion of projects made from a wide variety of unique recycled materials, like an old-cabinet-door-turned-jewelry-hol..
GreenCraft Magazine Spring 2013
GreenCraft Magazine is back for another installment, and it's got more sustainable projects than ever! From a journal made from retired vinyl records to a necklace fashioned from pistachio shells, this issue will open up your imagination to the endless materials that are available to you in your quest to create planet-friendly wares. You'll also find a GreenCraft Walking department showcasing s..
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GreenCraft Magazine Autumn 2012
This issue of GreenCraft is jam-packed with projects that are sure to get your creative juices flowing. Learn how to bring new life to dull surfaces with chalkboard paint, make beautiful jewelry using only your spare change, and punch up your wardrobe with upcycled clothing hangers. You’ll also find inspired uses for old teacups, an assortment of projects made from soda cans, and much more. The..
$14.99 $12.99
GreenCraft Magazine Spring 2012
This fresh issue is packed full of brilliant, new green crafting ideas! Learn how newspaper can be the perfect canvas for your sketches, the Wizard of Oz was meant to be recycled, how to create a wreath for any time of year using materials you already have, and so much more! Don’t miss stylish pillows upcycled from old CDs, discarded pill bottles turned into gardening supplies, furniture caster..
$14.99 $12.99
GreenCraft Magazine Autumn 2011
Welcome to a beautifully inspiring issue of GreenCraft! Every page is filled with ideas on how you can turn your trash into treasure. In this issue, artists explore the possibilities of old book covers, worn measuring tape, and brown paper grocery store bags. Ann Tatum creates jewelry from old faucet handles, Melanie Prior creates functional and chic home décor from vintage maps, Roben-Marie Sm..
GreenCraft Magazine Spring 2011
Finding creative uses for old items is nothing new to artists, but the spirit of preserving the planet is more important than ever before and GreenCraft Magazine is here to honor and inspire those who find artistic applications for normally discarded resources. GreenCraft Magazine provides project samples, detailed close-up images, and step-by-step instructions for repurposing trash into ecolog..
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GreenCraft Magazine Autumn 2010
Finding creative uses for old items is nothing new to artists, but the spirit of preserving the planet is more important than ever before and GreenCraft Magazine is here to honor and inspire those who find artistic applications for normally discarded resources. GreenCraft Magazine provides project samples, detailed close-up images, and step-by-step instructions for repurposing trash into ecolog..
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About GreenCraft Magazine 
With an ever-growing population in today's world, waste is constantly being dumped into landfills, and the harm being done to our environment is a hot topic. The aim of the arts and crafting publication GreenCraft Magazine is to keep reusable materials out of the dumping grounds, and to keep in mind the motto of our grandparents' generation, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." Each issue presents a variety of practical, functional projects that can be made from recycled, salvaged, and reclaimed materials, and shows how nearly anyone can transform something old into a handy new possession with a few simple supplies. 

Upcycling, the act of recycling an item into a product of a much higher quality than the original object, is the basis of GreenCraft Magazine, and you will be sure to find creative inspiration for reusing items such as food packaging, moth-eaten sweaters and damaged clothing, broken furniture, and other materials that some might deem unusable. Find ways to take thrift store treasures and make them into original, one-of-a-kind new possessions that will serve a purpose, be they jewelry made from spoons, baby bibs made from recycled denim, or pin cushions fashioned from traditional tweed. 

As you flip through each page, you'll garner tips to bring the upcycling lifestyles into your home, not just to save yourself a few dollars or to know you are doing your part, but also to teach our child the value of recycling and reusing. Ultimately, if each of us changes our ways just slightly, we'll make a difference -- and what a fun way to make your mark! 

Featuring Recycled Crafts and Upcycling Techniques by: 

With each new issue, Stampington & Company vows to bring the freshest, most unique approach to the world of recycled crafting. Revolutionize your crafting techniques: Bring in an abundance of new (old) materials that you never thought could be transformed so beautifully, and help to minimize your planetary footprint while you're at it!

Every day when seeking inspiration for their next creative endeavors, artists tend to be actively aware of their surroundings. Many artists are accustomed to using old items to create new artwork and are aware that the planet we hold dear is in a potentially dangerous state that we all have a responsibility to fix. Not just a typical crafting magazine, GreenCraft Magazine focuses on transforming often discarded items into stunning new uses through easily explained application of artistic skills. Any crafting magazine can give readers great tips and suggestions to improve artistic abilities, but this is a publication that teaches you how to improve artistic techniques while improving the environment one craft project at a time. More than just turning trash into treasures, this is a magazine about exploring your creative passions and individual sense of style while making a difference.

We believe creativity and environmentalism belong hand-in-hand working together to create a better tomorrow. Whether looking to make paint from safe household items, a fun rug made from old blue jeans, or how to artfully turn old CDs into pretty, painted coasters, GreenCraft Magazine is focused not just on finding ways to recycle or upcycle old items, but also on making them unique and full of personality in their new reincarnation with fun sustainable projects. As an environmentally focused magazine, our articles always focus on imbuing beauty and new purpose into old items to help readers find new solutions for protecting the planet.

In addition to repurposing ideas, GreenCraft Magazine gives tips on creating your cleaning products and beauty products from environmentally safe elements found in nature to rid your home and family of harmful toxins. Within this beautifully photographed magazine readers will find a cornucopia of smart ideas that will nurture creativity while nurturing the planet.

Since 1994, we have been bringing readers an eclectic mix of publications to fuel their creative spirits. Even though these publications are on different subjects, including sewing, cooking, dolls, quilting, and more, they all share a common thread of encouraging creativity as a means to make the world a more beautiful place for everyone.

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