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Pretty Bath Salt Vials Project

While experimenting with packaging ideas for our new bath and body products, I combined an assortment of salts and herbs to see what worked best together. Epsom salt glitters with color when mixed with lavender and rose buds. Chamomile offers the perfect color contrast to Epsom salt, and Pink Himalayan salt looks like rosy confetti when mixed with Dead Sea salt. Once poured into a glass vial, the colors mix together like a beautiful work of art.

These pretty bath vials are the perfect home décor items to create the atmosphere for your at-home spa experience. Arrange them on the counter of a guest bathroom or use them in a gift basket to provide mixes of color that can brighten any setting. For added luxury, mix in a few drops of essential oils. Gift these to a friend or family member, or keep them for yourself.

Pretty Bath Salt Vials Project Directions:

First, combine Epsom salt and chamomile tea in a separate container, and lightly sift to blend the ingredients.

For the next tube, sift together Epsom salt with rose buds and lavender.

Fill the third vial with a mixture of Pink Himalayan salt and Dead Sea salt.

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