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Faux Glass Embellishments Project by Diane Michioka

Cut a sheet of Clear PolyShrink Plastic into approximately one 2¼" circle, one 1½" x 3½" rectangle, one 2½" x 2½" square, and six ¾" x 1½" smaller rectangles. (Cut extra to test the method.) As seen in Tim Holtz's DVD "The Journey Continues" completely melt Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE) in a Melting Pot, working on a Non-Stick Craft Sheet. Place shapes into melted UTEE, cover to keep surface of UTEE from cooling. Use spatula from Kool Toolz to turn shapes over until completely shrunk and laying flat at the bottom of the Melting Pot (Be Patient - the shrink plastic crumples while shrinking, but eventually lays flat!) With tweezers, carefully lift your "faux glass embellishment", placing it flat on the non-stick craft sheet. Let cool. Trim excess UTEE from edges. Repeat process for all shapes.

To add color to your "faux glass embellishment", draw alternating wavy lines of Lettuce from Farmer's Market Alcohol Ink set and Gold Metallic Mixative onto a piece of Felt held by the Applicator. Gently stamp in the same direction to create "marbled" effect on the flat, matte underside of the circle shape. Use Cranberry from Farmer's Market Alcohol Ink set and Silver Metallic Mixative and repeat process to stamp color on underside of rectangular piece, using new piece of felt. Use Lettuce alcohol ink and Silver Metallic Mixative in same way on new piece of felt and stamp undersides of square and smaller rectangular pieces.


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