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Fairie Spooks Project by Diane Michioka

Paint four different sizes of the wooden people forms with black acrylic – Making Memories Cityscape Scrapbook Colors Kit. Select and cut out in circles appropriately sized faces from collage sheets – Halloween Vintage Post Cards, Seasonal Heartfelt Vintage Collage Booklet and Halloween Time Collage Sheet; Circle Pics. Adhere to wooden heads with Designers Dries Clear Glue.

Use Diamond Glaze to adhere Watch Face to back of head of Angel fairie. Carefully coat the head of all the forms with Designers Dries Clear Glue, then sprinkle different colored Vintage Glass Glitter Shards to create "hair".

Dye loose weave gauze like fabric (this sample is trimmed with gold ribbon) with 7gypsies Color Wash. Add color in stripes until enough dye is available on the plate to cover the entire piece. Hang over plate to catch drips. Lay over scrap paper and use heat tool to dry. You may use inks or paints as well.

Trim dyed gauze into lengths of about 2". Clip multiple pieces 1/4" wide (2/3 of the way) then tear remainder to get strands. Fold edges of pieces, 1/4" from top, leaving strand ends at bottom. Use 4" piece of Orange Scrapper's Floss or thread to tie pieces of gauze (fold the short end over to create "collar") around the forms necks to create garments.

Angel Fairie & Wee One Fairie – Cut wing shapes from Big Mica Tiles and adhere to back of body forms with Designers Dries Clear Glue. Trim edges of mica with Diamond Stickles.

Witchy Fairie & Pumpkin' Fairie – Adhere In/Out Spirales and other decorative clips with Diamond Glaze or Black Gaffers Tape to create wings.

Angel Fairie – Select pumpkin image and adhere to Scrapper Floss.

Witchy Fairie – Using Diamond Glaze, adhere one Clipiola to top of head. Roll heavy paper into small cone, bend tip. Coat cone in Designers Dries Clear Glue, and coat in Onyx Fine Vintage Glass Glitter. Adhere to Clipiola/Head with Diamond Glaze. Adhere Onyx Fine Glass Glitter to front portion of Clipiola with Clear Glue. Select pumpkin image and adhere to Scrapper Floss.

Pumpkin' Fairie – Cut pumpkin body from Halloween Time Collage Sheet. Use Micro Dot Punch to create two tiny holes in pumpkin "costumer" and tie around neck with Scrapper Floss.

Wee One Fairie – Cut out pumpkin head from Halloween Time Collage Sheet. Adhere pumpkin "mask" to piece of card stock attached to body front with Clear Glue.

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