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DIY Lip Balm Project

Create your own homemade lip balm with only a handful of simple supplies! There are plenty of recipe variations that you can find online, and for this project, I chose a very simple one that combines natural beeswax and vegetable oil. You must use the natural, unbleached beeswax. Many of the recipes I found contained other types of oil so if using vegetable oil isn't the best option for you, just do a little online searching for recipes containing other types of oils.

DIY Lip Balm Project Directions:

  • Before you start, open the mini tins and lay them flat on an old chopping board or surface that is completely flat - but keep in mind that the surface may get wax on it. If you don't have a heat resistant counter be very careful; plus you don't want to have to clean wax off your nice countertop, so be sure to protect the counter surface! You can pick up an old metal cooking tray or chopping block inexpensively at a thrift store, or carefully layer wax paper to contain any accidental spills.

  • You can use the Melting Pot Project Pan to create the lip balm mixture, or alternatively, a saucepan. If you choose to use a saucepan, make sure it is completely clean and one that you plan on using for future lip balm or beauty projects only. To create (and fill) 4 tins of the lip balm, I mixed 1/3 cup of vegetable oil with 1/3 cup of the beeswax. 

  • Heat it on a medium heat, stirring slowly with a wooden spoon. Add a flavor if desired - for a few of mine a added a few drops of Vanilla essence and a few others I used a peppermint "syrup" flavor.

  • If you want clear lip balm leave it as is - but if you'd like a little color, add a very small amount of lipstick. You can purchase the inexpensive ones at the store and use a knife to slice off approx 1/8" of the lipstick and add it to the mixture. If you want a little more color just add more - but a little goes a long way.

  • Once the lip balm mixture has completely melted to a liquid and the color is just right, you can pour the mixture into the tins. Since the tins have hinges, if you fill it too high the mixture might leak out so just fill below the hinges. It takes only a few minutes to harden and you can always add more to fill to the desired level. Set aside to harden.

  • I recommend embellishing the tins after the wax has set. If you accidentally spill wax on the outside it's much easier to clean off the excess wax if the tins are bare. I don't suggest sanding and painting the tins because sanding metal produces tiny specks of metal dust - which you don't want in your lip balm! Embellish the tins using some strips of fabric tape and then tie with a simple strand of scrapper's floss.

To complete the project, package your lip balm tins with a little shabby flair. Place the tin inside a glassine sleeve and then secure the top with the pink striped fabric tape. Add a mini flashcard with adhesive and voila!
PLEASE NOTE - this project is not intended for children. Whenever you work with hot oil and wax we recommend you do so with extreme caution.


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