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Tackling the Tiny Tube Trend by Christen Hammons

For a couple of years now I’ve had a lot of fun creating with test tubes and glass vials. They’re the perfect vessel for just about anything. In the past I’ve packaged hot cocoa, bath salts, and letters for friends inside of them. When I started seeing more and more people use tiny test tubes in their crafting, I knew I had to give them a try. Who can resist something that tiny?

The challenge with these tiny tubes is that you really can’t fit a whole lot inside them. I decided to fill them up with a bit of glitter and mica as well as tuck a note inside one of them. Once each tube was filled, I added a word or name to a couple of them. I still didn’t know what to do with them but my messy desk, still full of empty boxes from a wrapping project, provided me with inspiration. They were perfect as gift toppers! Even better, the recipient can keep the test tube to use as a bookmark or everyday ornament.

Faux Soldering Technique:

I did attempt a new technique I learned from Abby Bastedo on one of the test tubes. In the Autumn 2015 issue of Somerset Life, she shares a faux soldering technique she stumbled upon. Simply coat the top of the tube with hot glue and when dry, paint with a mixture of black and silver paint. To see the full technique, learn how to create stunning ornaments, and see how to fit an entire birthday celebration in a single tube, be sure to pick up the Autumn 2015 issue of Somerset Life.

About the Artist:
Christen Hammons is the director of publishing for Stampington & Company and editor-in-chief
of Bella Grace, Somerset Life, and Somerset Studio.

Interests: art, slow food, writing, books, yarn, authentic living

Follow Christen on Twitter: @christeno | on Instagram: @christenhammons

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