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Somerset Life Magazine

Somerset Life Magazine

Each 144-page issue of Somerset Life provides an abundance of inspiring ideas to infuse our daily lives with simple pleasures, art, romance, creativity, and beauty. Stunning photography and insightful and entertaining articles illustrate touching moments captured in poetry and artwork, unique ways to present gifts and treasured items, simple but beautiful remembrances, fresh ideas to elevate the art of letter writing, and many other imaginative ideas to enhance our lives with artful elements. Somerset Life will inspire you to make every day extraordinary!

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Somerset Life is a must-have magazine for anyone wanting to infuse a little creativity into their lives. Both novice crafters and experienced artists will find inspiration in this guide to artful living. Somerset Life is full of quick and easy DIY projects that are sure to add beauty to everyday life. Even those who are not crafters, but still appreciate creativity, will enjoy stories that focus on authentic living and maintaining a blog. Each issue is filled with budget-friendly DIY inspiration for gift-giving, home décor, card-making, packaging, and more. You will be guided through making projects that use the trendiest materials, like chalkboard paint, washi tape, and burlap. For those crafters who are looking for projects that can be completed in mere minutes, the 10 Creative Living Ideas that are featured in each issue will be sure to please. You will learn simple ways to say “thank you” in our Art of Gratitude department, which shares unique projects that express appreciation that go beyond the thank-you card. Our contributors to the Blogs With a View and Authentic Living columns share how they manage to seek out the beauty in their everyday lives through beautiful storytelling. Photographers and fans of photography will find inspiration in Miscellany, a department aimed at sharing beautiful photographs from around the Web.
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