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Silver and Pearls Jewelry Project

There are so many different projects you can make with our new jewelry charm kits. Make a necklace, or a dozen necklaces, all from using the same components in new and interesting ways. The lock alone can be used three different ways because of its removable bottom. Add a few beads and chain, and you’ll have endless combinations to play with. Don’t forget the matching earrings, bracelets, brooches, and more!

Silver and Pearls Jewelry Project Directions:

Attach one end of the silver connector to the earring wire. Make 3 bead dangles by threading a single glass pearl onto a headpin and forming a loop at the top. Attach the bead dangles to the other end of the connector with a jumpring.

Lock Necklace
Cut several lengths of chain in slightly varying lengths. Attach bead dangles of white glass pearls to the bottoms of each length of chain. Open a jumpring and thread each chain onto the jumpring, and then close it. Using a pair of tweezers and strong adhesive, glue the jumpring in place inside the lock. Attach a clasp to a length of chain and use a jumpring to secure the lock pendant to the chain.

Rose Necklace
Using the triple cameo cabochon bead, insert an eyepin halfway through bead, thread on three glass pearls, then thread through the top of the bead. Secure by forming a loop at the top. Thread glass pearls onto three headpins and form a loop at the top of the headpin (no need to trim excess wire unless the headpins are extra long). I used three different colors in a gradient pattern to give a sort of “ombré” effect. Attach all these headpins together with a jumpringReopen bottom loop of the cabochon bead and attach rose pendant and headpins to bottom. Thread glass pearls onto eyepins, close with a loop at the end, and attach these to lengths of chain to create a fun design detail. End the chain with a clasp, and attach the cabochon bead to the chain with a jumpring.

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