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Silent Night Christmas Cards Project by Gabriela Perdomo

There’s so much to love about Christmas — the colors, the sounds, the smells and tastes, and of course the deeper significance, which brings friends and family together. But what I love the most about Christmas, is the idea of stillness, of peace and quiet, and of the calm that comes from being close to loved ones. I’ve traveled and settled far from home and I’ve left little pieces of my heart up and down California’s coast, but come Christmas time, I return to my parents’ house and I feel whole once again. I especially feel this way late at night, when I am lying in bed and I think about all of us being together again under the same roof. Being relatively new to the crafting world, I decided that I would let my emotions inspire my work. 

Silent Night Christmas Cards Project Instructions:

  1. First, set down a blank, kraft-colored card and lightly draw a dividing pencil line across its surface. This line represents the horizon between your snowy hills and the night sky, so let your imagination guide your hand.
  2. Paint the top half of your card black with acrylic paint, and then once it dries paint the bottom half white, also using acrylic paint.
  3. Once your paint is completely dry, take a white journaling pen and draw a few pine trees along the crests of your hills.
  4. Standing at about a three foot distance, carefully spritz white Dylusions Spray Ink over your card to create the illusion of falling snow. You don’t want to spray the ink directly onto the card because it will blotch.
  5. For the moon, spray some of the white ink onto scratch paper at close range. Use the Ranger Ink Blending Tool to collect the wet ink, and then gently press it down wherever you want to place your moon. The initial mark will be very bright, but you can expand your circle and soften the white by dabbing the blending tool a few more times, all while widening the circumference. To finish off your moon, glue one of Tim Holtz’s Tiding Tags to the center of your circle.
  6. The final touch is to brush a little gel medium along the top of your snowy hills and then sprinkle it with some mica flakes
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