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Punk Rock CD Mosaic Heart Bezel

I’ve been saving an old pile of outdated CDs for about a year now. They’ve been sitting on the edge of my desk, gathering dust, and I knock the pile onto the floor nearly every time I walk past them. However, I just couldn’t throw away something that might be useful in an art project someday. Today, I found my moment to show off these CDs. When broken into tiny pieces, they looked like a disco ball of shimmer and shine. Paired with an Ice Resin heart bezel, and the project came to life with punk rock vibes and edgy design details.

Punk Rock CD Mosaic Heart Bezel Directions:

Find an old CD, place in a plastic baggie, and bend until it breaks. The plastic baggie will prevent any shards from shooting across the room. Continue breaking until your fragments are small enough to fit inside the bezel.

Lay the pieces inside the heart bezel, arranging them so that there is only a slight gap between each piece. To make a piece fit better, you can use scissors to aid in the shaping.

When the heart bezel is completely filled with shards, use Judikins Diamond Glaze or Ice Resin to fill in the bezel. For this project, I used Diamond Glaze, but with a layer this thick, it took forever to dry and was bumped a few times along the way, resulting in some small imperfections.

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