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Belle Jardinière Painted Pallet Project

I was excited at the opportunity to use Milk Paint, but I wasn’t sure what to expect because I had never used it before. And while it works on most any porous surface, I chose wood — one of my favorite substrates to work with.  

I learned early on that it is crucial to make sure the measurements are accurate — the 1:1 ratio between paint and water needs to be spot on. Too much or too little of either made the consistency of the paint either too thick or too runny. I mixed 2 tablespoons of water to 2 tablespoons of milk paint for each color, although for this project, 1 tablespoon would have been plenty.

Belle Jardinière Painted Pallet Instructions:

First, mix 1 part water and 1 part paint in a bowl. There are two easy ways to prevent clumping: by using a small flour sifter and a large spoon, or by slowly adding the paint to the water and mixing it with a small whisk. Either of these methods will work. Mixing the milk paint takes a few minutes, so be patient. Know that the reward will be well worth it — you will be left with a rich, creamy texture that will go on smoothly. Don’t worry if there are a few clumps left behind. They will break down once you apply the paint to your surface.

Dry brush the milk paint onto the pallet using a foam brush; apply a bit of pressure to break up any clumps in the paint. Add a couple of coats of paint, and let it dry completely before adding more. The paint will dry a lot thicker than it first appears. I added a little too much, and decided to lightly sand some of the paint away so that the wood background would show through.

After painting my boards in alternating shades of green and blue milk paint, I decided to add a new color for a bit more contrast. I used white gesso, but you could also do this with white milk paint.

I wanted to add a light, distressed look to the pallet, so I mixed brown paint with matte gel medium, and dry brushed a very light layer over each section. If you add too much, simply wipe away the excess with a damp paper towel or a baby wipe. Once you’re done, let the entire surface dry.

Next, carefully adhere white mini-clothespins to the pallet using hot glue. When the glue is dry, wrap storage tubes with wire thread and attach to the pallet using the clothespins.  As a final touch, stamp a sentiment on the bottom right hand corner using permanent brown ink.

In order to display your mixed-media pallet, attach a simple picture hanger to the back of it and hang it on the wall. Finally, fill the tubes with delicate flowers — they can be dry or fresh.

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