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Mingle Autumn 2014

Don’t miss out on our holiday entertaining issue, covering every occasion from Halloween to New Year’s! From a haunting, Tim Burton themed bash to Audrey Wagner King's twist on Thanksgiving dinner, Thanksgiving Oyster Roast, you don’t want to miss the creativity behind these unique events. Explore a whimsical white holiday gathering full of glitter and children's laughter, a Holiday Crafts & Cocktails event featuring gift wrapping and card making, and Mrs. Claus' Cookie Shop complete with sweets and milk. Stick around for a Tribal Baby Shower by Kelly Musgraves featuring feathers, cacti, and mason jars, and round out the year with a half-past noon New Year's Day brunch full of reflection, hope, and community.

Table of Contents
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Featured Artists:

  • Kate Bowler
  • Audrey Wagner King
  • Sara De St. Jean
  • Lindsay Gibson
  • Peggy North
  • Alison Faulkner
  • Lauren Borquez
  • Margaux Fraise
  • Kelly Christine Musgraves
  • Lori Miller
  • Carly Rae
  • Tonya Coleman
  • Cadence Turpin
  • Andrea Evans
  • Kristy Rice
  • Shauna Krantz

Featured Themes:

  • Thanksgiving Oyster Roast
  • Ladies’ Winter Whiskey Tasting Party
  • Hot Chocolate Highlights
  • Holiday Crafts & Cocktails
  • Glam Lumberjack Jam


  • It’s In the Details
  • Vendor Credits
  • The Toolbox

In Every Issue:

  • Letter from the Editor
  • 10 Photography Tips for your Next Event
  • Prepping for Print


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