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Love Letters Necklace

I’ve always loved snail mail. There’s something so exciting about getting a letter with your name on it. Nowadays, I seem to only get bills and junk mail. To recapture the joy of receiving a handwritten letter, this project uses Poly Shrink to create a little piece of snail mail addressed just to me that I can wear all the time.

Love Letters Necklace Directions:

Trace an envelope shape onto the white Poly Shrink. Cut out. Punch a hole for the necklace. Trim away excess plastic on front side from this hole. Note: Your envelope does not need to be folded yet for baking.

Draw a heart that is proportional to your envelope for the seal. Cut out and color in with red permanent marker.

Cook both pieces according to Poly Shrink instructions (300 degrees Fahrenheit, until plastic shrinks). Be sure to use oven mitts and avoid touching the plastic.

To fold your envelope, hold the envelop with a pair of long tweezers, or jewelry pliers, and heat each fold line until it becomes soft again. Use the tweezers to fold along the line, pressing the plastic as flat as possible. Repeat for all fold lines on the envelope and let cool completely.

Glue heart as an envelope seal with a strong adhesive.

Attach necklace with a jumpring or opened necklace chain link to the necklace chain.

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