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Going for Gold Project by Christen Hammons

There are two things I just can’t get enough of right now: feathers and the color gold. I’ve gotten into the habit of taking some gold paint or a gold marker and adding my own doodles or designs to pre-made journals, note cards, coffee mugs, and just about anything else I can get my hands on. I’ve had these wooden feathers in my supply stash and hadn’t had a chance to use them quite yet. Inspiration struck when I was in need of a gift topper for a present I was giving someone.

I was giving my friend a small gift so a single wooden feather would be the perfect way to top it off. Unfortunately, my trusty gold marker didn’t show up very well on the darker wood, so I decided to apply a coat of gold Iced Enamels to the feather. The end result was a nice gilded feather. To attach it to the gift, I simply wrapped a bit of wire around the top of it and threaded some twine through it.

I had so much fun playing with the Iced Enamels that I “gilded” a couple more feathers. One I used as another gift topper and the other became a fun bookmark.

To Use the Iced Enamels

  1. To start, lay a silicone mat on a flat, sturdy, level surface, and put on protective gear.
  2. Once you’re ready, lightly scuff all surfaces of the pieces that you will be enameling with a sanding block.
  3. When everything is adequately distressed, add a layer of Iced Enamels® Medium using an angled paintbrush.
  4. Next, sprinkle a thin layer of Iced Enamels® Relique Powder onto the medium, and then tap the excess power back into its container.
  5. Lay the pieces flat on your silicone mat, and gently heat with a heat tool until the powders melt into your desired finish. Remember to allow the pieces to cool before you pick them up.

To build layers and colors, paint more medium and sprinkle more powder onto your surfaces, and heat again.

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