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Glam Art Journal Clips Project

In many of the art journaling videos I’ve watched lately, I see people clipping open their art journal with hideous binder clips. When the artwork is so amazing, I feel like the props and tools should match. For these clips, I completed an extreme makeover in just five minutes for binder clips that are worthy of the art they hold.

Glam Art Journal Clips Project Directions:

Remove the silver arms off of the binder clip and save for later.

Cover each binder clip with washi tapein a solid color.

Ink the Da Vinci stamp and press the binder clip onto it to stamp the design.

Reattach the silver arms. Position the gemstone flower in between the two arms and glue with strong adhesive.

Note: This project uses a “jumbo” binder clip and the gemstone flower fits perfectly inside the V-shape of the silver arms.

Use to prop open your art journal or planner when you are working on it, or to mark a particular page.

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