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Funky Junk Trees Project

When crafting for Christmas, I always hesitate when buying seasonal items. You’ll have to store them until next year if you don’t use it all, so you’d better really love them. The other option is to craft with what you have on hand. For this project, I decided to take all of the odds and ends from the bottom of the craft stash and transform them into funky junk trees that can be placed on the fireplace mantle, around the house, or hung from the tree as ornaments. It’s a great way to create something unique for Christmas without breaking the bank.

Funky Junk Trees Project Directions:

Flip tart tin over and cover base with frosted mica flakes.

Stuff a paper straw into a small spool and glue in place.

Cut three circles from scrap paper. Cut from outer edge to center on each piece.

Form a cone around the paper straw and glue each cone about 1 inch above the other to form the basic tree shape.

Hot glue pen nibs around each level of the tree.

Mix Ocean, Lemon, and Umber paint colors together to make a forest green. Mix Umber and Ancient paints to make the tree trunk color.

Paint entire tree with forest green paint color and spool with tree trunk color. Allow tree to dry completely, then water down brown paint and brush over entire tree to mute the brightness of the green and add some age to the look.

Paint Tim Holtz Time Pieces and Chinese coins with green paint and spools with tree trunk color. Once dry, assemble the pieces from largest to smallest with spools in between to form a funky tree.

Brush with watered down brown paint to mimic the color of the other tree.

Glue both trees to tart tin base.

Want to watch the complete process?
Click here to view our time-lapse video for making these funky junk trees.

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