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Dazzled with Gold Lip Balm Tubes Project

Lip balms are an absolute must for me, but I tend to misplace them. Unfortunately, needing lip balm and losing lip balm can get very expensive. High-end balms can cost $5 to $10 easy, with fancier options being even more expensive.

Making your own lip balm will not only cut your costs, but it can also help ensure that you’re using a completely organic and chemical-free product. Best of all, you can alter your lip balm containers and make them look however you want. You can personalize them for yourself or customize them as gifts for your friends and family.

Dazzled with Gold Lip Balm Tubes Instructions

I was tired of the same old lip balm containers, so I decided to alter this very basic white tube.

First I wrapped my tube with gold washi tape in assorted patterns to add a little bling.

Then, for a bit more pizzazz, I added a strand of gold speckled cording.

To finish it off, I used one of the word stamps from Dina Wakley’s All the Gals collection, and stamped it directly onto the tube with permanent black ink.

My containers looks gorgeous, and now I am off to go make some DIY Lip Balm.

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