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Posted by In Her Studio featured artist, Hannah OBrien on Jul 20th 2022

Inside every issue of  In Her Studio, we love to ask our featured artists for podcast recommendations, playlists, and activities to keep their creative juices flowing. Our summer 2022 issue includes tour of Hannah OBrien's floating studio -- a creative space aboard her very own sailboat! In addition to giving us a peek at her unique studio, Hannah shares a list of doodle prompts that always help her get through a creative rut.… Read more

Posted by Stampington & Company on May 13th 2022

Even the most creative and dynamic artists fall into a slump from time to time. If you're finding it difficult to overcome a creative block, we recommend pulling out a journal and letting your thoughts run free. The practice of journaling is a great way to clear mental clutter and reignite inspiration. Below you'll find 3 of our favorite ways to use journaling to overcome a creative block!How to Use Journaling to Overcome a Creative Block1. St… Read more

Posted by Stampington & Company on May 20th 2020

Photo by Anna Kern featured in In Her Studio Summer 2020 Creative block rears its head in many different ways, and sometimes taking the first step is the hardest part. For mixed-media artists, this struggle is exemplified by the blank page — be it a stark white art journal page, a blank canvas, or any substrate that has yet to become art. Whether the culprit is emotional obstacles, time constraints, or supply limitatio… Read more