10 Doodle Prompts to Get You Through a Creative Rut

by In Her Studio featured artist, Hannah OBrien

Inside every issue of  In Her Studio, we love to ask our featured artists for podcast recommendations, playlists, and activities to keep their creative juices flowing. Our summer 2022 issue includes tour of Hannah OBrien's floating studio -- a creative space aboard her very own sailboat! In addition to giving us a peek at her unique studio, Hannah shares a list of doodle prompts that always help her get through a creative rut. Find this imaginative list of prompts below and discover even more inspiration inside In Her Studio Magazine.

10 Doodle Prompts to Get You Through a Creative Rut

1. A really scary monster

2. Funny vegetables with faces and personalities

3. Animals in different costumes

4. A butterfly with very intricate wings

5. Invent your own bird

6. Create a flag of an imaginary country

7. A map of the area you live in from memory

8. Futuristic cars

9. A bunch of potted plants

10. Sea monsters

Hannah OBrien is an artist as well as a live-aboard sailor and licensed USCG captain. From her sailboat she runs svPhoenix Studio, specializing in printmaking. You can see more of her work and read her story at hgobrien.com or follow her on Instagram (@sailingvessel_phoenix)

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Lead Photo by Jonathan Borba, Artwork by Unknown