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Posted by Amber Demien on Mar 29th 2024

The wonderful thing about mixed-media is that anything goes, from materials, to topics, to techniques. But sometimes when you are faced with so many possibilities, you freeze with indecision. We’ve compiled 20 quick and easy techniques that can be applied to any piece of mixed-media artwork, whether on a canvas, in an art journal, or as part of an assemblage. With these creative ideas in your toolbox, you’ll be ready to tackle any new project… Read more
Watercolor painting holds a mesmerizing charm with its transformative nature. Artists, over time, have developed various methods to transform paint from a solid block into a graceful watery blend and eventually into a masterpiece. Among the methods, wet on wet and wet on dry are the most common. So when you delve into watercolor techniques, these are terms bound to cross your path. But the question is: To wet or not to wet? Whether you wan… Read more