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No-Stitch Gift Sack Project by Christen Hammons

I still haven’t mastered the art of wrapping oddly shaped gifts, despite watching countless YouTube videos on how to do just that. I always try, then find myself tossing the ruined paper in the trash and pulling out the one thing that never fails my wrapping needs: a bag. This year, I made the decision to skip the frustration of attempting to wrap anything that isn’t a normal size and shape, and go right to my stash of bags. 

Muslin bags are great to use for smaller gifts. They’re inexpensive and can be re-used, if the recipient desires. They’re also easy to customize however you see fit. After searching through my fabric stash, I spotted some rogue canvas triangles, meant to be used as a banner, and knew they’d make the perfect Christmas trees when flipped upside down.

No-Stitch Gift Sack Project Directions:

These bags are really fast to create if you work in an assembly-line fashion.

First, lay out the canvas triangles onto newspaper or another protected surface.

Mist generously with spray ink, leaving a little of the raw canvas showing through.

When dry, select a rubber stamp to use to create a little texture on the “trees.” I chose a flower. Stamp your design repeatedly all of the canvas pieces. It’s OK if you can’t really see the design; you just want a little interest.

When dry, glue the canvas triangles to the muslin bags as desired.

Use a marker to add faux stitching, and then add a glitter star on top of the tree. You can add crocheted lace and stamp sentiments to create even more interest on the bags. I kept it simple, but you could always add button “ornaments” or rhinestone “lights” to the tree.

This is also a great project to do with kids! Have them decorate the trees and you can attach them to the muslin bags for them.

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