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You Are My Sunshine Project

Using the 12" x 12" canvas sheets , I was able to make a quick and easy zippered case, perfect for storing pencils, craft supplies, makeup and more.

Start by laying the 12"x12" canvas sheet  flat on a protected surface. Using either fabric paint (or acrylic will work fine - just try not to get the case wet), and the Marrakech Stencil, gently stencil the design onto the canvas and allow to dry.

Once the paint has dried, stitch a zipper onto the canvas. To do this, I folded the canvas in half, and stitched the zipper onto those top edges. Make sure you stick on the correct side so that the seam is correct. Unzip the zipper half way, turn the case inside out and then stitch the two sides up, securing the ends of the zippers when you do so to ensure that the zipper is nice and secure.

Spray mist two Blanc Delicious Flowers  using the Squeezed Orange on one and Lemon Zest. Using a hot glue gun, glue a brooch pin onto the back of each flower. Using the brooch pin is great because then you can change out the flowers as you like. Fill your case with your favorite things!

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