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Up and Away Project

This hot air balloon wire form is the perfect size to artfully display as a centerpiece at a birthday party, baby shower, or other festive event. Follow along with Shoppe Manager Vanessa Spencer as she reveals an easy way to transform it from bland to beautiful.

To match a soft and cohesive color palette, Vanessa spray paints the hot air balloon white and recommends using a well-ventilated area. You can also paint by hand to avoid fumes altogether. Allow the wire form to dry thoroughly.

Using 3-4 yards of the hand-dyed muslin material, weave all around the entire hot air balloon basket. Then, using this free template, cut out all the panel shapes for the balloon from the mulberry stitched papers.

Attempting one piece/panel at a time, carefully place the paper inside the balloon then use dabs of Diamond Glaze to glue the paper to the wire. This may require a bit of time because each paper must be molded to fit the wire form.

As you add additional panels, use little pieces of washi tape to add an interesting accent while also helping to attach the pieces to the wire form.

Fill the basket with party treats and display as a table centerpiece, or use the hook at the top to hang it for a "flying" effect.

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