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The Good Witch Project

Start with an old box (anything similar to a cereal box is fine). The dimensions for the paper will all depend on what style of box you use. Cover the outside of the box with vintage or faux vintage music paper. The best adhesive to attach the paper is Collage Pauge Matte adhesive. Line the inside of the box with the pink paper.Take black polka dot paper and cut a strip off using scalloped edged scissors. Attach the polka dot piece around the top edge of the box using the Collage Pauge adhesive. Decorate the bottom edge of the box with pink stickles. 

While the paper is drying you can create the paper doll. All the stamps used are clear acrylic so you will need the acrylic mounts. Stamp the witch torso image from the Bird & Bee No. 20 set with black ink onto a light pink paper.  On the same paper you can also stamp the arms from the same stamp set. Then use the skirt image from the French Laundry No. 6 stamp set and stamp with the black ink onto the same pink paper. Stamp the striped socks images from the Out of the Hurly Burly clear stamp set also.

Cut out all your images - leaving a little excess on the ends of the arms and shoes so that you have plenty of room to attach them with a brad. Glue all the images onto a piece of cardstock and allow them to dry. This will make the paper doll nice and sturdy. Once the pieces have dried, cut them all out again. Attach the brads to connect the arms and legs. Place a small crystal center to the skirt right where it meets the torso.

Use a little Collage Pauge on the back of the paper doll and attach it to the front center of the box. Punch a hole on either side of the box towards the top edge. Take a piece of black and pink ribbon and thread through the holes, tying knots on the outside to secure it. Fill the box with Excelsior then place your candy or gift inside. Alternatively you could use it as storage for ephemera or anything inspiring.


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