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Stuffed Paper Bag Characters Project by Marylinn Kelly

  • Stuffed Paper Bag Characters Project by Marylinn Kelly

Characters are from the Escape from the Toybox stamp. Cut apart a sturdy grocery store paper bag so that you get enough flat pieces to do the front and back of each ornament you want to make. Stamp and color each image, cutting out leaving a bit of paper bag margin around the outside. Use that shape to trace a back piece to match, taking care not to have the market's printing show on the back of the ornament. Using Tacky Glue, start gluing each set of pieces together at the top - include the ears and a little way down the sides of their heads. Pinch together for a few minutes, then leave to dry.

Using a chopstick or other pointed tool and small pinches of polyester fiberfill, gently begin to stuff each ornament, going through a process of gluing then stuffing, gluing then stuffing, until you reach the bottom. Glue that shut and pinch closed until it holds.. Glue a knotted loop of ribbon to the back for hanging or attaching to a gift. They could also be party favors.


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