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Rustic Charm Necklace Project by Johanna Love

As a jewelry-crafter, I rejoiced at the word that we now carry rustic wire in The Shoppe at Somerset. Making a custom patina on jewelry wire can be time-consuming and dangerous, so I was thrilled that we now have a solution to that problem! The new Piddix 1-inch circle sheets come in wonderful vintage designs that I thought would pair nicely with the rustic wire, so I selected the Birds & Eggs and Scientific Seedpods sheets to work with.  I have always wanted to make jewelry with Susan Lenart Kazmer's large bezels, so I thought one would make a good palette upon which to combine these two supplies.

Take two 6-inch pieces of rustic wire and shape each into a round nest-like jewelry component that is slightly smaller than the Kazmer bezel. Be sure to make a loop on each side to connect to the chain later. Cover the back of each component with Kazmer's Jeweler's Grade Mold Putty. Cut out three 1-inch circles from the Piddix collage sheets and insert into the middle of each handmade component as well as the Kazmer bezel. Take two feet of rustic wire and shape into a wreath that will fit inside the bezel. Place wreath inside bezel. Take Ice Resin, mix one tablespoon worth, and pour into each component and bezel, filling each halfway. Add beads to resin as desired. Once cured, wire wrap a bead to the bottom of your bezel, a bail to the top of your bezel, and attach Moss Green Seam Binding Ribbon. To complete necklace, attach to one package of Vintaj Petite Etched Cable Chain, and finish off with a Vintaj Lobster Clasp Set and additional decorative components of your choice.

Warning: ALWAYS wear protective eyewear when cutting or working with wire. You may also want to wear protective gloves and clothing to prevent injury to your hands and arms.

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