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Rewards Drawer Project

Kids are always in need of encouragement and rewards, so I thought the Mini Library Drawer would make a great organizer of rewards for my little one. Use each section for a different theme (reading, writing, math, art, etc). Each time you work with your child and they complete a project, fill out a card and file it away. Decide how many cards you need in each section, and once they are successfully filled, you reward them!

Cut out white sheets of cardstock to place inside the Mini Library Drawer. The sheets need to be approximately the same size as the stamps images used, which are approx 2.5" x 5.5". Stamp the Suzi Blu stamp images onto the white cardstock pieces using red and black ink and a large acrylic block. On each of the four cards, attach a piece of decorative numbers tape to the right side. Using the ruler design from the Cavallini & Co. numbers tape set, attach a long piece around the bottom edge of the Mini Library Drawer. Then add a small strip of the black tape to the top edge of the front of the drawer. Fill the box up with the cards, using the decorative card as the main file card for each section.

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