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Pick Your Poison Project

This can be a fun idea for a drink display at a Halloween party. Simply display the little shadowbox at the drink table/counter and have the party drinks and cups available for the guests to serve themselves. It's a fun way to add some festive Halloween flair to your get together.

Start by adding a few vintage poison labels to some mini corked vials. On some of the vials add a decorative skull bead to the cork. To attach to bead, insert a head pin through the bead then clip the end of the pin off the with cutters leaving about ¼" sticking out the end of the bead. Using a piercing tool, pierce a small hole in the center of the cork, and then push the bead (with head pin in it) into the cork securely.

Line the shadow box with handwritten vintage text. Just cut the text down to size and glue it in with the adhesive of your choice. Collage Pauge always works wonderfully!

Fill the bottles with fake drinks/potions. I actually used grape juice in mine but if you want a liquid that is a brighter purple try using purple (or green or orange) food coloring and water. Glue the actual bottles into the display using a strong adhesive like Diamond Glaze.

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