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Monoprint Card Inspiration Project

Make your own monoprint-style artist papers with the Gelli Arts gel plate. It’s very easy to use and the effects are fantastic.

Begin by peeling off the plastic layers from the gel plate and place the gel plate onto a non-stick craft sheet. Squirt acrylic paint onto the plate and spread onto the plate with a brayer. Take any tools or found objects and create various designs onto the plate. Lay a piece of white cardstock face down and firmly press over the paper. Gently peel back the cardstock to reveal your monoprint!

You can create additional stamped layers with contrasting colors, or you can experiment using multiple colors at a time on the plate.

Allow your papers to dry, and then use incorporate them into any of your crafting projects. I used my papers to add texture to my greeting cards. Then I added some simple strips of patterned tape to add a little interest and then stamped the date onto the cards with the SMASH stamp.

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