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Fly Home Sweet Bird Project by Kristen Robinson

Assemble shrines per instructions on packaging. Once the wood glue has dried, begin by painting the inside and outside of all shrines and set aside to dry. Once the first coat of paint is dry, apply a second coat with white paint. Let dry for 5 minutes and rub off excess with a paper towel. 

Cut clip art to size (using the left over inserts) and place into shrine.  Mix equal parts of ice resin (approximately ½ ounce) per packaging directions. Allow the resin to rest for 5 minutes and then fill all shrines ½ ways with the resin. Let first layer dry for 6 hours. 

Cut text to size to fit into each shrine and place on top of the first resin layer.  Mix an additional ½ ounce of ICE Resin and pour into the shrines. Allow to dry for 24 hours before handling. 

Create a knot in the end of the stringing thread and place clamshell clasp onto thread. Close clamshell with a pair of flat nose pliers.  String 14 beads onto thread. Create a knot at the end pulling very close and tight to the top of the pear. Place a second clamshell on this end and close. Repeat for the adjacent side. 

With a 1/8” drill bit create a hole at the top and the bottom of the bird shrines. Repeat this by creating a hole at the top of the shrine pendant.  Place a 10mm jump ring through each of the holes you drilled in all pendants.  Place open end of clamshell over jump ring and close with round nose pliers, repeat this on the adjacent side as well as the bottom jump rings of both bird pendants. 

To the top of the bird located on the left side when facing you, sting leather cording. Once the cording is through the hole, pull the other end of the leather up so the two ends meet.  Cut an 8” piece of 20 gauge gunmetal wire and wrap around base of the leather cording to hold in place. Trim any excess with wire cutters.  Tie a knot in the cording above the wrapped wire. Place one Mother of Pearl button onto the cording and tie a second knot approximately 3” from the last. Repeat this until 5 buttons are on the leather cording. 

Place two ends of cording through the top jump ring of the remaining bird shrine, allowing approximately 1” of cording to overlap. Cut an 8” piece of 20 gauge gunmetal wire and wrap closed, trimming any excess wire.  Add silk ribbon at the top of the shrine as well as the bottom of both birds.  As a final touch tie a piece of string at the base of each pearl strand and trim excess.

Tips: When drilling through the birds it is easiest to place them together to insure the hole is located in the same place on both.

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